Graphic Design

Web design begins with the graphic design. This is the first thing users see and therefore the most important part in web design. It may be a cliché, but the first impression says it all.

The simpler, the better!

Nowadays online by the visitor first scanned visually before there even sought further. Studies show that 75% of people practically no longer reading texts but visually should be triggered before they go only deepen.

With good design you send visitors to the parts where you want them. So keep it simple, you structure your content and do not use too much fuss!

We think on mobile

Nowadays, mobile no longer inseparable from society. Actually, you can not even call it a trend, it should be used as a basis in the internet world.

Mobile website

Mobile websites or software is basically the same as regular websites or software, however, is not equally accessible to all on mobile. Some elements will either disappear either be shortened. However, this has an important reason; People often watch a quick scan through their mobile and on certain elements.

Ready for the future

We always look at the latest trends and techniques in the field of web design and apply it where we can.

Fullscreen websites

It used to be simple; they had one computer with one screen with a website was created that was clearly visible. Nowadays, using tablets, mobile phones and various formats monitors. To give users the best experience we design fullscreen. It does no longer matter what size screen you have.

We support any browser

There are a variety of different browsers all of which have their own way of displaying information. This website or software always properly in the most used browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9 or higher. With this we support 99.7% of the most used browsers in the world.