user interface design

The user first!

Before we start designing we first look at the following: how can the website / software best be classified for the audience? For a good user interface design, there is only one important goal: the user is paramount. Everything depends on whether or not achieving your end user.

Design interaction

For a good user interface design can best be started by creating an interaction model (wireframing). This is a click model where you can see an example of how the site will work. This phase has two advantages:

  • Before something is built, you can see how the site will work. Now you have already an idea of what you can expect once the site has been completed and can intervene in time if changes are needed.

Increasing the user experience

How pleasant the website or software feels for the visitor, the more he or she will come back. This allows weather for a higher return.

User interviews

Want the most out of your website and organize the best possible, we advise you to take on user interviews. The larger the sample, the better the results. Do not have time for this? We take it out of your hands.


Usability is the user-friendliness of a website or software. Visitors need to quickly find what they are looking for. In addition, it must also connect to their questions and needs.

Testing Usability

When testing of the usability going to take a number of usability experts at the same time through the website, or software in order to test all aspects and assess. We test different browsers on both Windows and Mac OS computers.Mobile platforms to.